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We complement the core competencies of insurance companies and banks by developing innovative insurance and capital investment instruments, including their consistent marketing and reliable administration, in a future-oriented and successful manner. These instruments are marketed according to the most modern marketing practices with the help of the latest technology, taking into account individual sales interests. Using our own modular management software we manage all our instruments in their entirety, meeting even the most complex requirements.


Bank-independent financing

A successful presence in the market with the philosophy of remaining independent of everyones’ interests as an innovative financial service provider, objectively assessing the market and its possibilities and to develop new solutions that are advantageous for everyone involved. In addition, we are active as a liquidity service provider in the area of ​​sales and sales financing through factoring for SME companies and thus provide SMEs with financing that is independent of banks.


EFS Group D.O.O

We have thus become a reliable partner for many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the provision of liquidity protection (factoring) and in the development of innovative and cost-effective cover, lucrative investments as well as in the development of qualification and livelihood assurance concepts.

Finance Services

Investment concept

Our system now also gives ordinary consumers access to innovative cover and investment concepts and other innovative products that enable them to immediately reduce costs significantly, use their money to operate more effectively and be able to take better precautions.

Escrow service

We offer you an individual solution tailored to your needs

Asset management

Investment advice & trust company, anonymized transfer services, numbered accounts etc …

Finance Services

With the holistic asset and financial planning, you are informed about your financial situation at all times.


Factoring makes your company less dependent on banks and is at the same time a seal of quality.

Capital optimization

Increase in your invested capital with optimal protection


Right decision

“The future has many names: for the weak it is the unattainable, for the fearful it is the unknown, for the brave it is an opportunity.” – Victor Hugo